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Maybe You Have A Histamine Intolerance

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Have you ever been bit by a mosquito and been left with not just simply a small itchy bump but what seems more like a massive welt?

If you notice that your pesky bug bites swell up past the size of a nickel, up to the size of a pickle jar lid; than learning a bit about histamine intolerance will benefit you.

So what is histamine intolerance?

Well first of all, histamine is the stuff that mast cells in the body release when you are exposed to certain irritants in order to combat or clear the irritation or potential infection.

If you have seasonal allergies to things like rag weed or pollen and find yourself with dry, itchy eyes and a stuffy nose that means that your body is experiencing an agitation and is now releasing histamine into the bodies tissue, blood stream and gut and is trying to rid you of the irritant.

When this happens Most people run out to their local drug store and buy a form of over the counter allergy medicine that works as an anti histamine. Drugs like Allergra, Claritin or Benadryl give the body a small dose of anti histamine to combat the histamine that is being released.


When a mosquito bite forms the bite is small because a small amount of histamine has been released, but when the bite swells to that of an absurdly large size it’s because your body is now flooded with histamine; thus suggesting that you have a histamine intolerance.

There is an analogy that is commonly used to describe histamine intolerance and that is that everyone has a metaphorical histamine bucket. Your bucket fills as the body is exposed to foreign elements that you have not yet built up an immunity to. If your bucket is full you are likely experiencing allergic symptoms. Once your bucket starts to overflow than your symptoms increase aka your small bug bite is now not so small.

Lastly, if our histamine bucket is overflowing than your body is not processing and reducing histamine fast enough and you are experiencing a histamine intolerance.

Usually when the body is constantly producing an overflow of histamine, over the counter drugs do not work well enough to subdue the overproduction because they simply are not long lasting. Benadryl is meant to be taken every 4-6 hours for a reason because after that time period it leaves the blood stream. So, if you have a steady overflow of histamine than you actually need a steady flow of anti histamine beyond the 6 hour cap.

Histamine Intolerance is best controlled at the root. Access knowledge of histamine in the neurotransmitter and Of foods that contain high amounts of histamine as well as

Working to understand which supplements and vitamins best aid in reducing histamine, and avoiding irritants when your bucket is already full is a better course than popping expensive over the counter or even prescription drugs.

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Stay tuned for more on histamine rich foods to avoid, tell tale signs your histamine levels are getting to high, and what to do when your bucket is flowing over.

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