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Neuro-transmission and Food Related Histamine Intolerance

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Neuro transmission is what tells your cells to create enzymes that will break down Histamine. When your neuro transmitters are compromised so becomes the bodies ability to break down and clear histamine.

When you consume foods that are high in Histamine coupled with compromised neuro transmition; the excess absorption alerts your immune system to an unhealthy overgrowth of histamine; cueing the oh so lovely symptoms of CIU and other gut related inflammatory conditions.

Actually, long term exposure to excess histamine and overgrowth in the body creates long term harmful damage to the brain and body regulatory systems.

Side Note: This is one reason why so many Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria sufferers also suffer from depression and anxiety disorders. Neuro transmission affects everything and if you know anything about mental disorders than you should know that you’re brains neurotransmitters are compromised and subjected to long term damage without proper mental health treatment. Thankfully affected areas of say, the brains hippocampus can actually be repaired and certain damages can regenerate.

When mast cells release Histamine it accumulates in the tissue and blood stream of not only humans but animals as well and then travels to the gut. If you are eating meat, keep in mind that the Histamine levels of tissue and blood from set animal will transfer into your histamine bucket.

The longer meat sits out/ages the more histamine increases; that is why if if you are going to consume meat it’s best to eat it sparingly, freshly and organic.

I recommend maintaining an 80 percent meatless diet and within the 20 percent of allotted meat, half should be organic and grass fed.

Personally I try to eat 10 percent of regular meat so that I don’t restrict myself from eating foods prepared outside of my home. If I go totally organic or vegetarian than introducing a minutiae portion of meat makes me sick.

This way I am consuming the regular stuff a little on a regular basis so that I might enjoy a meal at a restaurant or else where without fear of getting sick.

Chicken is extremely high in Histamine and should probably be avoided all together unless you have access to fresh, skinned poultry.

Fish should only be consumed absolutely fresh otherwise again, you are dousing your bucket.

Other high histamine foods include bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, wine, chocolate, fermented or pickled foods, canned foods that have aged and cheese.

The general rule of thumb is to avoid food that is not fresh and to watch how your body feels when you consume them. A food diary or app is a great way to track your bodies reactions.

Since I know that bananas are high I simply avoid eating a banana everyday. I still eat them but I eat them sparingly. When I’m having an outbreak, of course I avoid all high histamine foods until my immune system is not working so hard to clear the excess histamine in my body.

Follow this link for more on histamine foods.


If you’re neuro transmission is not firing on all four cylinders so to speak, than your enzymes are not clearing histamine fast enough so keeping in mind the overflow that comes from what you are eating is very important.

Overall, environmental, food, genes, and the inner workings of the brain play the key roles in this game of histamine intolerance. Stay tuned for more and follow @coffeewithacanadian for updates

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